Chronicles in Ordinary Time 91: Beyond All Recognition

For the last 50 or so years, whenever World War II has come up in conversation and speculation, the question always comes up—“How could Germany have allowed Hitler to rise to power?” And the implied statement: there must have been something wrong with the German people…

Hitler’s message was that ‘Germany can be great again; all that we need is to get rid of those people.’

For those who are paying attention, we are witnessing how the German people could allow Hitler to gain power:

Trump_HitlerThe idea for the image isn’t mine; a much more effective [brilliant] treatment is floating around Facebook…

‘America can be a great country again; all we need to do is get rid of those people’—the Muslim, the undocumented Mexican [and possibly those who are documented]. The immigrants who have been met for years by the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor.

For years I’ve watched movies and television shows where people ask the question, ‘didn’t we fight a war to make sure that this wouldn’t happen anymore?’

This is a pivotal time in American history—the Millennials now outweigh the Baby Boomers. This means that if all of the Millennials who believe that a person should not be judged by who their parents or grandparents are; should not be judged by those who don’t like the people that other people love; should not be judged by those who believe that behavior is dependent upon lists that someone makes or has found—if all the Millennials vote, the trend toward American fascism can be diverted. But only if you vote.

Can the trend toward American fascism can be Eliminated? No. Clearly there are people who will always judge people not by their character, but by the externals. This is part of the Human Condition, the price of Free Will.

There are people who choose to make the externals match their character, even when the choice is unpopular. This isn’t popular these days, but it has a lot of merit. I don’t know that this choice makes them better people. From my understanding, none of us merit the Grace we are given.

Last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered his military on standby for nuclear strikes at any time, the state media has reported. We are engaged in an endless war in the Middle East, and the leading Republican candidate for President discusses his penis size during a “debate” that seems more like an elementary school argument among boys.

Donald Trump has never had to work a day in his life. His multiple bankruptcies did not involve real money—when Donald goes bankrupt he doesn’t worry about paying bills or putting food on the table. Bankruptcy in the world of high finance is merely a score on a card—an evening at the bowling alley. Sometimes strikes turn into gutter balls…Somehow this man has convinced millions of people that he somehow understands the rigors of living in 21st Century America. Donald is among the 2% and is somehow convincing people in the 98% that he’s different from those in the 2% and that a man with no governmental experience can somehow be qualified to run a country. There hasn’t been any discussion that I’ve heard, whether a totally obstructionist Congress and Senate will cooperate with a President who has no experience running a country. I’m not sure that the title “Republican” will impress anyone on that side of the aisle, more than working with a Democratic President; especially those who are offended by Trump’s racial slurs and bigotry.

In my opinion, not that my opinion counts for much, if Donald Trump becomes President, the Statue of Liberty should probably be returned to France…we clearly won’t be welcoming people with brown skin.



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