Chronicles in Ordinary Time 245: Privilege

I’m not sure that ‘growing up’ ever ends. I thought it would stop; but I was mistaken. I’ve known people for whom growth seemed to have ended; I did not envy then. They tended to stay stuck in the mud hole they dug for themselves.

A conversation with my wife pointed out I have some choices to make in how I live my life. An ‘if-then’ sort of transaction. Sometimes, ‘if’ goes in a direction I don’t really want to go, but the consequence of inaction is also not acceptable. So, I choose to accept the difficulty along with the benefit.

Perhaps this is why ‘snotnose’ politicians of a certain age think that their actions make them important. It merely causes them to be noticed. Perhaps a fear of being rejected creates the need to be noticed. It certainly does not make for Democracy.

While in high school, I learned that I was half-Vulcan [metaphorically], and that’s why I rarely fit in. Living in college dormitories was a bizarre experience for me. Back When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, dormitories were co-ed by building or sometimes by floors. Four years, living with rutting males. I knew a guy who said he was in pre-med and planned on being a gynecologist; there was only one part of female anatomy that interested him. I was interested in women’s brains.

The Doctor on Mars

The word, “Privilege/Privileged” is frequently thrown about, in this time of my life. Typically, it’s definition means that someone has so much money or so much presumed power that there is no need to be kind toward the people they encounter; especially toward “essential workers” who weren’t considered Essential before the COVID Pandemic. BTW: COVID will probably return in force.

Back When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Privilege/Privileged meant: to have the good fortune (to have, be, or do something).

The image above is from a collection of images I called, The Unwritten Adventures of the 13th Doctor. This was taking place in the interim between the first announcements from the BBC about the new version of The Female Doctor, and when I could actually watch the stories.

When I was young and checking out science fiction from the Multnomah County Library, I never imagined that I would have the privilege of seeing the surface of Mars. The image above is the actual Martian surface [scale may be wrong] with added Martian Soldiers and the 13th Doctor.

This coming November is bringing out the worst in some people. Politicians trying to score points, as if this was some bizarre team sport. Politicians who sit down after making a speech, and bring out their electronic brain, to see how well the speech scored.
Politicians breaking the law with no sense of remorse…

And then the religious people drag the Bible into the argument, ‘proving’ their argument by using verses taken out of context, so that the words may sound appropriate, but in context, an entirely different subject is being discussed.
The Bible did not have chapters until the 13th Century. The Letter/Book was simply read start to finish. The Bible did not have verses until the 16th Century; and the verses were created by a printer, not necessarily a theologian. John 3:16, as a standalone concept, did not have any meaning until roughly 1500+ A.D. There is no way to read the third chapter of the Book of John, so that the one verse that is featured in video sports broadcasts has meaning. John 3:17 changes the meaning of verse 16…

White male ‘adults’ [by age, only] determined to keep America as refuge for Jim Crow and The Handmaid’s Tale. Every woman I keep in touch with, and who live in America is voting for what Eric Bibb calls, “Put a Woman in Charge”.
It seems that in general, a lot of White males are afraid of women. Women use a different way of thinking then what I have experienced as typical male brain-use. I can’t really call the usage ‘thinking’ because I’ve known very few men who actually think, beyond ‘what channel is that on’ and ‘bring me a beer from the frig’. I find it embarrassing. My Vulcan self, coming through again…

An artist’s impression of Europa Clipper in orbit around Jupiter’s frozen moon Europa.
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

As infuriating as life can be in these United [?] States, where all people are still not created equal, we can still experience wonder.

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