Chronicles in Ordinary Time 247: I’ve always needed Heroes

The image found at the Webb Telescope NASA website above, is a likely-illustration of a planet in an entirely different solar system than ours. This opens the door wider on the subject of “impossible”.

We are living in a time of only-imagined science, only found in Science Fiction as I was growing up, far too many decades ago.

This example of wonder is placed in the same ‘box’ as the destruction of seemingly everything due to human destruction of this planetary gift, given by the Creator of all.

On the front pages of news ‘papers’ at this time is political squabbling about revenge politics and the death of the innocent by the hand of FEAR. Mass murders every day.

Tomorrow I will gather with my immediate [in the sense, “present”] family at a wondrous table [my son was an Executive Chef, before blowing-out the ligaments and tendons in his wrist] of food and good company, including our nearly 3-month old grandson and his older brother. If I am smart [doubtful] I will take that opportunity to be thankful for Creator’s gifts; my own FEAR is that I will be unable to see Grace because of human stupidity.

FEAR:  False Evidence Appearing Real

This is Tarzan

To be more accurate, this is likely to be an image of Tarzan in a book I am writing, illustrating, editing; originally written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It will take years to finish.

Why Tarzan, now?

  1. I need Heroes. I’ve always needed Heroes. My babysitters, for a large portion of my childhood, were these guys:

For the uninitiated, Robin Hood, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, Superman and Zorro.

They were all in Black and White. In 1960, I was 8 years old

Both of my parents worked, my Mom worked at home. Television kept me absorbed.

I feel as though this is what has occurred:

Heroes are hard to find. Anti-heroes are more common.

An anti-hero is the main character in a story who lacks conventional heroic qualities and attributes such as idealism, courage, and morality.   2.No one has ever done Burroughs’ Tarzan well, in all of the various versions that have been created. The most recent movie, The Legend of Tarzan [2016] was much closer to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ vision.I’m old enough now to have the arrogance to say that I will do Tarzan better. This is part of the reason I expect to be at this for years. I’ve already been at it for a year, and I’m barely started. There are Heroes who pass through our lives, often unnoticed. There have been heroes in my own life; ‘debts’ that can never be adequately repaid. One of those heroes in my life is a blues guitarist named Eric Bibb. I met him once at a Ray Charles concert, about 25 years ago. I’ve been listening to him ever since.

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